Shipping information

Shipping costs for Germany (with DHL)

We ship to DHL packing stations.
All packages are covered by insurance.

Package weight up to 31kg
Germany € 5,90

Island and remote areas surcharge: € 13,00

Shipping costs for AT / BE / NE / LU / DK / CZ / FR / LI / PO / MO (with DHL)

Package weight up to 6kg up to 16kg up to 20kg up to 31kg
EU countries* € 15,70 € 24,20 € 27,60 € 37,38

*Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark, Czech Republic, France, Liechtenstein, Poland, Monaco

Shipping costs for other european countries (with DHL)

Package weight up to 6kg up to 16kg up to 31kg
EU countries* € 17,05 € 26,55 € 41,28

*Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Andorra, Sweden, San Marino, Vatican City

Our transparent and cost-effective benefit for you:
If you buy more than 6 kg of coffee beans, you receive a gift voucher over € 10 for our shop.
You can redeem your coupon with your next purchase.

Please note: Only applies for EU countries. Voucher cannot be paid out in cash.